Friday, October 26, 2012

just a piece of words

As time goes by, now I realized that something wrong somewhere, which ever when I’m too young to think more deep about married. The word "MARRIED" is not easy as ABC and 123. 6 persons had been come in the chapters of my life. Should those to be in? Should those really reliable to be? What actually the "thing" that you try to find, dear my heart? No answer at all. Dear my heart, please please and please, once you make decision you should be responsible to it.

No actual date my heart was started to loose. After 6 persons came in and out from the chapters by chapters, now my heart was taken again by him. Not because I’m a PLAYGIRL but this is because my parents decision. Once they said NO, then I should left the hero in the chapters. In addition, I actually am seeking for the BEST MR RIGHT. I hoped my parents would accept you as you are.

Mohd Ramdzan Bin Ismail. 

I’m really hoped you are the MR RIGHT that can lead ALL each chapters in my future life. I’m really believed you are THE ONE. His characters is more matured, more understanding, more lovely, more funny, more cheerful, sometime full of emotions, more supportive, sometime quite fierce, more helpful, more independent, he has his own specialties that cannot be describe with words. But, I know it. Only I and he know it. He ever promise any promises on our relationship as he is realistic person. He is very different than others. Might be I’m too confident towards our relationship. Nothings to worry about, as because I’m really believe him. I had fallen in you because of just the way you are. What happen in past is past. I always accept you to be in the chapter. Once you proposed in SMS, I’m smiling ears to ears and feel like jump into the air. Thanks for making me special on 6th October 2012. My heart never stops beating for you.

I only need all of this from you, dear...

Now, you were far away in Brunei Darussalam doing the practical training. You asked me to wait for you came back from Brunei. Yes, dear my will wait from you. 5 years to go for the TRUE CHAPTERS OF MY LIFE with YOU. And now, I'm promise to myself to stop think about MARRIED. I've to focus on my study and my responsible as Student Representative Council (SRC) in UiTM Melaka, Kampus Bandaraya. I’m trying for my best to get DEAN LIST as my family and you hoped to me so.